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General Excision, or Biopsy

Posted On: 2011-12-19

These are guidelines to follow post operatively.  Please refer to the hospital discharge instructions given to you for any additional information.

Procedures covered by these guidelines would include removal or biopsy of a cyst, lymph node, lipoma or foreign body.



  • Resume normal diet as soon as possible.



  • Resume any regular medications unless otherwise instructed.
  • If needed, a prescription for pain medication can be provided.



  • Resume normal activity. 
  • The doctor will instruct you on any activity limitation.
  •  Return to work/school unless otherwise instructed.



  • Remove dressing when instructed (usually after 24 – 48 hours).
  • Shower daily. Gentle but thorough cleansing of the surgical area with soap and water is sufficient.  Dry the incision well.
  • Apply light gauze dressing, if needed.
  • If drainage/seepage occurs, change dressing as needed to keep the area clean and dry.
  • The doctor will tell you when the sutures should be removed.  
  • Call the office for an appointment.



  • Mild discomfort to moderate pain controlled with oral medications.
  • Little or no drainage. 
  • If a drain is used, moderate amounts of bloody drainage will be noted for approximately a week.
  • Swelling and redness should be minimal.




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